And construction of the smart card
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Shenzhen City professional construction of the smart card system - Shenzhen Factory Card Card Card Beijing-Tianjin-card 4442 Guangzhou card IC card system card factory IC Card Reader 和信达首页 And construction of Home 公司简介 Company Profile 样卡展示 Card 读卡设备 Reader equipment 技术文章 Technical Articles 联系我们 Contact Us 3D 卡 3D cards 纸卡 Paper card 电信卡 Telecom Card 智能卡 Smart Card 磁条卡 Magnetic stripe cards 条码卡 Barcode card 人像证 Portrait card 金属卡 Metal 普通数据卡 General Data Card 磁条卡读写器 Magnetic stripe card reader 条码卡读卡器 Barcode reader ID卡读卡器 ID Card Reader 接触式IC卡读写器 Contactless IC card reader 非接触式IC卡读写器 Non-contact IC card reader
系统集成 System Integration
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深圳市和信达智能卡技术有限公司 (shenzhen Hexinda smartcard technical co.,ltd)总部座落于秀丽的海滨城市—深圳,公司成立于2004年3月。   Smart card and construction of the Shenzhen Municipal Technology Co., Ltd. (shenzhen Hexinda smartcard technical co, ltd) Headquarters located in the beautiful coastal city - Shenzhen, the company was founded in March 2004. 2005年1月30日喜迁罗湖区草埔金稻田路翠山工业区,比原有的规模扩大了3.5倍。 January 30, 2005 Hi Lo Wu District Caopu move the rice paddies Cuishan Road industrial area than the original scale of 3.5 times.
深圳市和信达智能卡技术有限公司是国内较早涉足PVC数据卡、3D卡、磁卡、IC卡领域的高科技企业,为顺应公司的飞速发展,和信达人充分发挥自己的优势,2004年3月建立了自己的生产基地,专业生产并销售各种IC卡、ID卡、M1卡、医疗卡、保险卡、充值卡、年历卡、3D卡、动画卡、立体卡、贵宾卡、会员卡、磁条卡、条码卡、纸卡、上网游戏点卡、酒店预订卡、超市会员卡、质量保证卡、医院诊疗卡、服装吊牌卡等各类PVC塑胶卡片;以及周边软硬件设备和系统开发、维护;为客户提供制卡用卡一条龙服务。   Urban construction of the Shenzhen Co., Ltd. is smart card technology into the domestic PVC earlier data cards, 3-D cards, magnetic cards, IC cards in the high-tech enterprises, as companies comply with the rapid development and construction people and give full play to its own advantages, and March 2004 set up their own production base, specializing in the production and sales of various IC cards, ID cards, M1 card, medical card, insurance card, cards, calendar cards, 3-D cards, animated cards, stereo cards, your card, membership cards, magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, paper cards, Internet gaming Dianka, hotel reservations card, the supermarket membership card, quality assurance cards, hospital clinics cards, clothing tags PVC plastic cards and other kinds of cards and peripheral equipment and software systems development, maintenance; card system to provide customers with one-stop service card. [详细内容] [Details]
3D cards, animated cards, three-dimensional cards
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Global Gold Member, Global Silver Member
Digital TV IC cards, chip cards, proximity cards, bus cards
Insurance cards, Medicare card
Voucher Card, password card, Guaguaka, phone cards, cards PHS
Paper magnetic stripe cards, highway stripe card, bank cards, Silver VIP
Membership card, your card, insurance card IC卡简介 About IC Card
Http:// IC卡和ID卡的区别 IC cards and ID cards distinction
Http:// PVC卡检测标准 PVC card Test Standards
Http:// 4442IC卡技术资料 4442IC card technology information
Http:// 长见卡型技术资料 See long-card information technology
Http:// 常用IC卡一览表 List of common IC card
Http:// 4428IC卡技术资料 4428IC card technology information
Http:// 智能卡概念定义 Definition of the concept of the smart card 制卡工艺流程图 Figure-card process
Http:// ME1 S50技术资料 ME1 S50 technical information
Http:// 磁条卡技术资料 Information on the magnetic stripe card technology
Http:// 下单制卡注意事项 Under the single-card system Notes
Http:// ME1 S70技术资料 ME1 S70 technical information
Http:// 射频卡的印刷方法 RF card printing method
关键字:深圳卡厂,3D卡,磁条纸卡,工作证,金银卡,条码读写卡器,会员积分管理软件---深圳市和信达智能卡---专业制卡工厂  Keyword: card factory in Shenzhen, 3-D cards, magnetic stripe paper cards, work permits, gold and silver cards, bar code reader card, integral members of management software - Shenzhen City and construction of the smart card system - professional card factory
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